A (CAR)STAR is Born: Company celebrates 30 years in business by naming stars after customers

Toronto, Ontario – September 26, 2019 — CARSTAR has been showing their customers a little extra love this month in a super galactic way — by naming and registering stars after their customer’s names.

Wanting to brighten some clients’ days while celebrating their 30th anniversary as a company, the North American brand is thanking 30 customers for choosing CARSTAR as their trusted repair centre.

CARSTAR has stated that bringing a damaged car into a shop after an accident can be stressful, so by surprising customers by a random act of kindness, it can brighten what would’ve been a stressful ordeal.

“[A customer] brought in their damaged vehicle to us and I was so impressed with…the candor to the whole situation,” stated Shawn Jamieson of CARSTAR Ottawa South Centre (Myers). “This experience could have totally ruined her day but she took it in strides, motivating us to celebrate her incredible positivity by giving her a fun surprise at the time of vehicle return.”

CARSTAR is not unfamiliar with giving back to their customers and the communities that support them.

Over the years CARSTAR has raised money for cystic fibrosis, launched eco-friendly initiatives and often refurbishes and donates cars to community members who need them.

According to Michael Macaluso, the president of CARSTAR, the company is looking forward to celebrating its 30th anniversary by continuing to give back.

“It is nice to see the network come together, from British Columbia to Florida, for the mutual case of spreading some good and surprising customers with this entertaining gesture to help brighten their day,” Macaluso said.

The star-naming initiative is on until the end of the month. For more information on CARSTAR and their other initiatives, visit carstar.ca

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