3D compound and polish

By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario — October 23, 2018 –– 3D has a pair of products for keeping your car looking brand-new. 

The ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound by 3D is manufactured to provide actual paint correction by utilizing alpha ceramic alumina, a new type of abrasive technology. The new technology corrects swirls and scratches faster then standard abrasives. The product produces real paint correction, without the use of filters and silicones to hide damage. The ACA 500 is flexible and versatile enough to be used with any machine or pad combination. The compound features a low-dusting, sun-friendly formula that contains no solvents, kerosene, or crystalline.

The ACA 520 Finishing Polish by 3D is an innovative multi-surface leveling agent that accelerates and enhances performance. The product is engineered with NANO Abrasive Technology capable of correcting virtually any painted surface, leaving a hologram free, glass-like finish without having to add fillers. The technology eliminates the possibility of “dye black.” The ACA polish removes every scratch left from ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound. The product is easy to use and clean up. The polish is most effective when applied in shaded areas, but is also sun friendly.


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