2022 Acura MDX: Honda unveils how-to guide for body technicians

Torrance, California —  Honda’s US branch has issued its latest body repair information guide covering the 2022 Acura MDX for body shops in North America. 

Honda recommends referencing specific areas in the MDX Body Repair manual for additional information, such as; precautions for replacing aluminum die-cast part; front side frame, front end parts replacement; and lastly, front wheelhouse/damper housing replacement front side frame replacement, 

Due to the fact the fenders are aluminum, American Honda has cautioned technicians to always use insulation clips when attaching a new fender to prevent galvanic corrosion from occurring. 

The new MDX body construction features; next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure; high-strength steel and advanced high-strength steel used for body construction; the MDX has an aluminum hood panel, front fender, front damper housing, and front and rear bumper beams for weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency. Lastly, the car body is equipped with 1,500 MPa inner and outer door stiffeners, 

Noted in the how-to guide is also the die-cast aluminum front damper housing which comes only as a complete assembly. 

The outer stiffener D-ring panel is made from 1,500 MPa steel and if damaged a complete replacement is necessary, no repairs are allowed, according to Honda America’s press release. 

The roof panel is comprised of a six-piece, tailer-welded roof for optimized weight and rigidity. In addition, the panoramic roof glass openings are roll-hemmed, therefore, a combination of welding and use of adhesives and mechanical fasteners are required for replacement.  

You can find the service information and body repair manual (BRM) online at techinfo.honda.com, as well as a summary of the new body and vehicle technologies that may affect collision and other body repair shops shortly.


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