MOMS House: Ontario gov. increases suspension for stunt driving to 30 days

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario government is hoping that the recently beefed up MOMS act will help teach a lesson to all the stunt drivers out there who may have doubted that their one week grounding could be extended to a whole month. On Sunday, new rules came into effect surrounding the Moving Ontarians More […]

Credit Crisis: N.B. insurers given go-ahead for credit-based rates adjustments

Fredericton, New Brunswick — New Brunswick is a province that has been getting by the best they can despite a growing financial struggle for many of its residents, but the introduction of credit scores as a factor in setting auto insurance rates in the province is leaving many New Brunswickers without an adequate starting point. […]

From Dents to Darts: New Brunswick bodyman competes at World Cup of Darts

Hampton, New Brunswick ⁠— Ever thought about trading in your dent repair kit for a dartboard? Well, Jeff “The Silencer” Smith, a bodyman and pro dart player hailing from Hampton, New Brunswick, could give you a few pointers. Smith was in Germany last week representing Canada at the Cazoo World Cup of Darts⁠—and it’s not […]