EV APPREHENSION Over half of Quebecers say they would opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle but not without government incentives, says a new survey. According to a recent survey conducted by, 55 percent of respondents are open to the idea of buying an environmentally friendly vehicle. However, 80 percent of buyers reported they […]


DON’T TRIP OVER THE CHAIN President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), Dennis Darby released a statement today, addressing concern over several policy changes recently made by the Ontario government that manufacturers are worried could negatively impact the Canadian supply chain. Derby’s statement is as follows: “Over the past year the role and […]


DIAMOND JUBILEE Small town bodyshop Virden Auto Body celebrated 60 years in business with an article in its local newspaper. The Beltz family has owned the business since 1972. Garry Beltz took over the business from its original owners, Tony Wade and Bob Smith, and the facility has been led by Garry’s son, Todd, for […]


PRAIRIE PACT Following in the steps of its prairie neighbour, the government of Saskatchewan has announced that it too will be partnering up with the U.S. state of North Dakota to help facilitate COVID-19 vaccines for select essential workers in the province. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum have signed a […]


PANDEMIC PARTNERSHIP Alberta and Montana have reached an agreement to speed up the vaccination of Albertans by inoculating truckers who transport essential goods across the Canada and United States border. Starting May 10, Montana will be providing vaccines to truckers entering the state at a rest stop near Conrad at no cost. The service is […]


B.C. LOVES EVS Electric vehicles sales are on the rise in British Columbia, with more than 54,000 light-duty EVs now registered in B.C, says the provincial government. Energy Minister Bruce Ralston says that’s the highest reported purchase rate of electric vehicles in North America, making the province a leader in the EV sales market. B.C.’s […]

Upping The Standards

Building the band at Dodge City BY TOM BISSONNETTE Initially, my role at Dodge City was twofold: run the day-to-day business of the existing bodyshop, even though the previous shop manager was still on staff, and work with the contractors that were building the new shop next door to Parr and the dealership. It was…interesting. […]

Be Like Brayden

Work ethic opens doors BY CHELSEA STEBNER June celebrates fathers—something this industry has quite a lot of. The dad I’m going to share a story about is my brother from another mother. I want to celebrate an exceptional father and role model in the shop: my co-worker Brayden Neufeld, Parr Auto Body’s shop manager and […]

Reading Comprehension 101

Welcome to reality—hop aboard or hop off BY STEFANO LIESSI Time flies when you are having fun—but it also seems to whiz by when we’re under pressure. I have been in this industry for 39 years and can admit that much of it is a blur. When I look back on the changes that have […]

Accountability In Action

Steps to a sustainable business BY JAY PERRY There are a lot of elements involved in practicing accountability. Ultimately, accountability boils down to communications. Information sharing within communications in an accountability framework. It takes an objective position and puts focus onto the facts. We must have an evaluative approach to have success in holding people […]