In order to help protect worker health from the dust that is formed when sanding vehicle surfaces, an ideal solution for the body shop worker is to prevent dust particles from entering the air by extracting dust where it originates at the surface of the vehicle while sanding. This is one of the reasons why […]


John Griffin – AkzoNobel AkzoNobel has appointed John Griffin as regional commercial director for Automotive and Specialty Coatings in the Americas. Griffin has held various sales, management and executive roles across the company’s global and regional automotive aerospace, packaging, yacht and film coatings segments. Griffin will also continue to be AkzoNobel’s regional director for North […]

Understanding ADAS: Level5Drive shares the ins and outs of ADAS calibration

Understanding how to calibrate today’s advanced-driver assistance systems (ADAS) is critical in collision repair operations. If you disagree, ADAS experts John Marlowe and Giuliano Bernabei can prove you’re wrong. The two-man team, founders of ADAS calibration centre Level5Drive in Burlington, Ontario, have made it their mission to provide the automotive aftermarket with valuable ADAS knowledge […]

Autel US Expands ADAS Calibration Coverage

Autel’s release of three calibration expansion packages for its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibration frame systems, the Standard Frame Calibration System and the MA600 Mobile Calibration System continues to signify the company’s aggressive commitment to ensuring its customers have the latest OEM-compliant targets, calibrations components and software to calibrate the ever-growing number of ADAS-equipped […]

Spray Gun vs Spray Can: SprayMax breaks it down

Peter Kwasny GmbH has achieved breakthrough solutions in small damage repairs with the SprayMax system. Professional repairers will appreciate the process flexibility with both 1K and 2K technology options and how they can reduce cycle time and add thru-put to their operations. SprayMax provides spray gun-like results while saving time and material costs. This Benchmark […]

ProColor Collision forges ahead with Canada expansion

It’s been little over a year since Fix Network acquired the Quebec-based Carrossier ProColor from Uni-Select. The acquisition of the iconic 20-year-old brand has made Fix Network Canada’s largest aftermarket franchise network. Since then, Fix Network has been actively expanding ProColor Collision’s brand presence across Canada and recently, into the United States. Collision Repair caught […]

Leading the Way, Their Own Way

The best leaders have an innate ability to articulate a vision, embrace the values of that vision and create an environment where everyone can reach their goals and perform at their best. Leadership requires clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion, humility and the ability to inspire. If you have checked a calendar lately or opened your eyes […]

Best Guess: Solera-Audatex talks photo estimation and AI at CCIF 2020

Toronto, Ontario – AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning were key focuses of a talk given by experts from Solera-Audatex at the CCIF Virtual Experience on Wednesday. Elliot Roberts and Marcos Malzone of Solera-Audatex led a presentation delving into the pros and cons of AI and machine learning as it relates to the workflow of […]