Driven Brands confirms acquisition of Fix USA

Charlotte, NC — Driven Brands, North America’s largest automotive services company, today announced its acquisition of Fix Auto USA (FUSA) and Auto Center Auto Body, Inc. (ACAB). “We are thrilled to add the Fix team to Driven Brands despite the current business climate. Our word and reputation for being good partners are incredibly important to us,” […]

AIA Report Release: How Canadians view vehicle maintenance and repair

April 22, 2020 — Toronto, Ontario — The Automotive Industry Association of Canada has released a new report focused on providing industry business owners with insights into customer mindsets. The report, entitled Under the Hood: How Canadians View Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, AIA Canada provides insights into how customers think about a number to aspects […]

Local Inspiration: CARSTAR’s corporate donation inspired by generosity of member locations

Toronto, Ontario — Carstar’s corporate team will donate $10,000 to a  Hamilton, Ontario healthcare foundation, a move it describes as “inspired by the organic generosity sprouting within the organization” In a press release, the Carstar communications team announced it would be making a $10,000 to the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation in Hamilton, Ontario — the […]