Glow Get ‘Em: The UV Ceramic Paint Coating from Adam’s Polishes

This ready-to-use system includes all the benefits from a long-lasting and hydrophobic clearcoat along with the advantage of being able to shine a UV light to see where the coating has been applied. According to Adam’s Polishes, the UV Ceramic Paint Coating’s 50 mL bottle can be fully applied to two full-sized vehicles, offering years […]

Wreck the Halls: Andy’s Auto Wreckers raises funds for local charity

Toronto, Ont. — Andy’s Auto Wreckers has decided to give back to their community this month by donating to the Misson Services of London; an organization dedicated to providing warm meals and community mental health and well-being programs. “We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and would like to bring attention to those that […]

Training Trip: Simplicity Car Care welcomes Centennial College students

Toronto, Ontario — Simplicity Car Care in Scarborough, Ont. recently welcomed 80 Centennial College students to its facility for a day of hands-on learning about the collision repair process and business. The eager students were given a tour upon arrival, where they were shown around the shop and introduced to its various departments. Students were […]

Caffeine Conversion: Ontario envirotech company turns coffee waste into car parts

Toronto, Ontario — Competitive Green Technologies, a biomaterials company headquartered in Waterloo, Ont. has developed a patented technology that will allow Ford Motor Co. to convert coffee waste into resin for car parts. Rather than relying on the traditional process to create resins and polymers, Competitive Green Technologies uses coffee chaff⁠—the dried skin of coffee […]

Green on the Small Screen: Catch Andrew MacDonald on CBC discussing E.V batteries

Toronto, Ontario — Andrew MacDonald, owner of Maritime Auto Parts, proudly represented his recycling facility on CBC News: The National earlier this week. Offering his personal insight from his experience with electric vehicle batteries, MacDonald discussed the evolution of cars and how he’s dealt with the changes electric vehicles has brought to his company. “The […]

Emissions Enforcement: Volkswagen charged with 60 counts of breaching Canadian environmental act

Toronto, Ontario — Volkswagen has been charged with 60 counts of breaching Canada’s Environmental Protection Act for issues related to the automaker’s 2015 emissions scandal, according to a report by Reuters. The report says the German automaker was charged with 60 counts of breaching Canada’s Environmental Protection Act on Monday after importing nearly 128,000 vehicles […]