Arm Day: The PULL UP! system from Spanesi

Spanesi is introducing a new cold repair process to repair damaged steel or aluminum panels. The PULL UP! system utilizes various size suction cups and glue to restore the shape of metal panels. Repairs are performed by the use of slide hammers or an optional electro-puller system that can be used in combination with a […]

Accident Advice: Aviva says calling insurers post-collision is vital

Toronto, Ontario — Aviva Canada hopes that drivers will remember to contact them immediately after an accident. It also comes several months after Ford announced a pilot program to send directions to certified collision centres to the drivers of vehicles that reported being in collisions.  “It’s a normal instinct to reach out to a loved […]

Cutting Edge: SharpWhite abrasive discs from Finixa

This new premium abrasive disc system from Finixa offers a high initial cutting power while promising a longer disc life. SharpWhite discs are made of self-sharpening ceramic aluminum oxide grains that come with a white, anti-clogging coating to help keep each disc from loading up during the sanding process. According to Finixa, SharpWhite discs sand […]

Four-Headed Helper: The UVM34160 Ultraviolet Curing System from Uni-Ram

The UVM34160 Ultraviolet Curing System from Uni-ram offers an almost instant full cure with no heat according to the company. This four-headed model provides a quick cure over a wide area, while also utilizing less energy compared to conventional methods. According to Uni-ram, these lightweight, manoeuvrable lamp stands have a fast and easy setup, while […]

Farewell to Fire: Flame Resistant Magnetic Blanket from Solderweld

Flame resistant blankets often go underutilized in the field due to the difficulties of getting them secured, so the engineers at SolderWeld got to work. As a direct response to this challenge, it developed the Flame Resistant Magnetic Blanket, which made its debut at the Service World Expo and then again at SEMA 2019. With […]

Safety Succession: New chief safety officer for Hyundai North America

Toronto, Ontario — Hyundai North America has a new chief safety officer⁠—Brian K. Latouf will now be responsible for all of the automaker’s North American safety regulation matters including recalls, emissions and safety investigations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Latouf will officially begin the new role on Dec. 2 and will report to […]

Collision Repair’s Industry Insider: Mark Puente of Premiere Services

In this week’s episode of Industry Insider, we get Mark Puente, the CEO of Premiere Services, on the line. Puente shares with us the details of Premiere Services’ Certified Radio Program—an initiative in partnership with LKQ set to debut in Canada next year—and how it can counteract issues of cybersecurity in the recycling process of […]