Editor’s Log: Priorities in Disorder

Toronto, Ontario — In January, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers fired the first shot by issuing a statement on the importance of following OEM repair procedures. “All post-collision vehicle repairs must be conducted in accordance with the repair procedures issued by the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), specific to […]

Celebrating in Quebec: CSN’s National Conference

Quebec City, Quebec — The 2019 CSN Collision Centres National Conference took place in late October amidst the historic sites of Quebec City. Le Château Frontenac hosted the affair, serving as a suitable setting for CSN’s conference and its historical theme. The conference began on Thursday afternoon with two OEM-led information sessions. Paul Stella, manager […]

Drop All Pretensioners: GM Canada recalls 75,000 trucks

Toronto, Ontario — GM Canada is recalling more than 75,000 pickup trucks nationwide due to a seat belt defect capable of setting the vehicle’s carpet flooring on fire. The seat belt pretensioners are at fault—modern pretensioners utilize a small explosive that, in the event of a crash, are detonated in order to move a piston […]

Spray Your Cares Away: The LPH 300 from Anest Iwata

The LPH 300 has found a niche with UV primers that provides world-class value to customers who use UV technology. UV technology is becoming very popular for its speed and performance.  With minimal defects when cured and DTM properties of some UV products allow it to be easy to use.  UV products can also be […]

AV/EV Report ⁠— November 22, 2019

Cyber…What? Tesla’s long-awaited all-electric pickup truck is here⁠—and it’s certainly something.  On Thursday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the automaker’s long-promised Cybertruck at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, Calif. With the launch, Tesla is dipping its toes into one of the most profitable corners of the U.S. auto market, as pickup trucks account […]

Diagnostics Draft: Kelly Roberts to join AirPro Canada team

Toronto, Ontario — AirPro Diagnostics has announced Kelly Roberts has joined its Canadian team to help manage the distribution and services of AirPro’s remote scanning, programming and calibrations solutions in Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec provinces. Roberts joins the Canadian AirPro team from a large dealership shop in North Bay, Ont. He holds Red Seal journeyman […]

CrashBay’s Bold Plan: Canadian startup set to expand

Toronto, Ontario — Just six months after its creation, Canadian start-up CrashBay.com, an online portal described as North America’s first online open marketplace for collision repair, is looking to expand into the United States. Last week, the founder, John Harvey, told Collision Repair, ”CrashBay is poised to grow to 300 Canadian locations in under 24 months, […]

The Art of Correction: Employee guidance versus discipline

by Jay Perry  Research shows that employees want to be productive and succeed in their workplaces. Obviously, that’s what you need them to be as well.  Which of your people are perfect? Of course, the logical answer is none of them. Which is also why you need to have the right viewpoint of discipline in […]