Craig Jalbert named 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Business Manager

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 – 3M Canada has announced the appointment of Craig Jalbert to Business Manager of Automotive Aftermarket Division. “Craig is a proven leader with strong track records of success in a variety of roles across our division,” stated Rick Orser, who moved to 3M’s Industrial and Safety Market Centre. “His […]

A sneak peek into our newest issue of CRM!

Toronto, Ontario — August 8, 2019 — Our latest issue of Collision Repair is ready to be printed, read, and enjoyed by our loyal readers. The staff of Collision Repair has been working away at their latest issue of CRM and are excited to announce it’s going to press very soon. From stories of young students […]

Editors Log: No Colder Up North

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019  Come work in Canada, young American body repair technicians—we’ve got more to offer than you might think. Call me a romantic, but it looks to me like Canada is the real land of opportunity—at least if your career ambitions are in the collision sector. At this point, some readers […]

Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 – The Steck Retainer Clip Release tool can easily remove fender flares and rocker moldings without any breakage. Allowing repairers to do this from the outside, the Steck Retainer Clip Release works by sliding in between the molding and panel of the vehicle, allowing repaiers to access the expansion […]

Tuesday Ticker: August 6, 2019

Toronto, Ontario — August 6, 2019 Well Aged and Better Waged: Average U.S. repairer now over 40, earning $72k CDN According to I-CAR’s Snapshot on the Collision Repair Industry, which was updated this week, U.S. auto repair workers are older and better paid than ever. According to the report, the average age of U.S. collision employees is above 40 […]

ASE seeks entry-level accreditation program for young techs entering the industry

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 – The Automotive Service Excellence Foundation (ASE) has just announced they plan to create an entry-level collision repair school accreditation program for young students entering the trade. ASE is a non-profit certification group that works in both Canada and the U.S to provide professional certification to professionals in auto repair […]

Capella Solutions Group comes to Canada

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 — Capella Solutions Inc. is officially launching their range of ProXL Refinish Aerosols in Canada. Engineered in the U.K. Capella Solutions Refinish Aerosols have a quick drying time, are U.V. protects and can be applied easily. From preparation aerosols to primers, lacquers, and finishers, Capella Solutuins ProXL line will have […]

B.C. collision repair facility gifts free car to deserving mother

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 — B.C.-based collision repair facility has announced the grand winner of their free Mazda 3 on Wednesday afternoon. When Kiwi Auto called Abbie to let her know that she had won a free car, she broke down into tears. Mother of 2-year-old daughter Flo, Abbie had to transport her […]

AV Report – August 5, 2019

Toronto, Ontario — August 5, 2019 – From huge investments in AV production companies to a  tiny electric vehicle with a whole lotta power, this weeks AV report has all things electric and autonomous covered.  Recogni on the Road A California-based company has just raised $25 million dollars towards AV development. Recogni, founded just one […]