Fire breaks out at Surrey auto yard

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — April 11, 2019 — Eight firetrucks and 23 firefighters were called to Surrey, B.C. auto recycling facility early on Wednesday morning after a massive blaze broke out.  Firefighters are unsure of how the blaze broke out at A-Central Used Auto & Truck Parks, which forced them to run a water […]

B.C. introduces a legislation to eliminate gas emissions by 2040

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – April 11, 2019 – Last week, a report was released stating that Canada’s climate was warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, and that to prevent environmental catastrophe, human behaviour has to change. The British Columbia government is taking steps towards making a sustainable future with […]

Tradiebot’s WorxAR could change the game for collision repair training

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – April 11, 2019 – Australian based auto innovation company, Tradiebot Industries has come out with a new augmented reality software application that might just change the way training is done in the collision repair industry in Canada and all over the world. Imagine a system that would assist you […]

Autonomous Vehicle Report – overestimating the arrival of self-driving cars

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – April 12, 2019 — In this week’s Autonomous Report, a CEO from a major OEM casts doubt on the public’s timing expectations for autonomous vehicles as self-driving cars as self-driving vehicles roam around a major European city.     Delayed Arrival We’ve been hearing about it for years and expecting it any […]

Believe it or not: April 11, 2019

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — April 11, 2019 — From a utility pole crashing down on a vehicle, to a bear deciding to have a nice midnight snack in someone’s vehicle, vehicles have had a rough–and ridiculous–week! Here is Collision Repair’s weekly round-up of the craziest collision-related headlines from the past seven days. 1. Teddy Bear […]

Ford’s pickup pick-up

Toronto, Ontario — April 10, 2019 — Ford is recalling more than 300,000 F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks across North America, of which 196,000 are owned by Canadians.    After receiving two reports of apparantly spontaneous vehicle fires, one which occured in Canada, the OEM announced it had discovered the likely source of the […]