Blackberry receives $40 million in government funding

By CRM Staff  Toronto, Ontario – February 19, 2019 – Blackberry will be receiving a helping hand with their development of self-driving technology, as reported by Global News. The Canadian government will be donating $40 million in federal funding to assist in developing technologies that make vehicles safer, more connected to cyberspace and, capable of driving […]

CARSTAR hosts Discovery Day

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – February 20, 2019 – More than 20 independent collision repair owners throughout Saskatchewan were in attendance for CARSTAR’s ‘Discovery Day.’ The day was dedicated to educating independent owners throughout Saskatchewan on the benefits of being a part of the CARSTAR family. Among the independent shop owners in attendance were […]

Amazon invests in electric pickup truck startup — Rivian

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – February 19, 2019 –- Rivian, a Michigan-based electric pickup truck manufacturer and a potential Tesla rival announced that Amazon will be leading an investment round of $700 million in its startup. The announcement was made on Friday and cleared the rumors, for now, that General Motors was also going […]

Karma Automotive names new chief revenue officer

By CRM Staff  Toronto, Ontario — February 19, 2019 — John Maloney has been named chief revenue officer for Karma Automotive. Maloney, an accomplished and experienced automotive executive, will occupy a leadership role in the deployment of Karma’s expansive business and product introduction strategy; ‘Value-Forward’ announced by Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou in late 2018. He will also […]

AIA hosts a technician training day

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — February 19, 2019 — The Automotive Industry Association is hosting a vehicle programming event for automotive service providers which covers the essentials of diagnostics and repair for service professionals in Burnaby, British Columbia. The event, “Vehicle Programming Today!” will be a presentation of the association’s new Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP) […]

Unifor members boycott GM at Canadian Auto Show

By CRM Staff  Toronto, Ontario — February 19, 2019 — More than 200 Unifor members attended the Canadian Auto Show this weekend in Toronto to boycott General Motors vehicles made in Mexico. The group, which included workers and retirees from the Oshawa Assembly Plant, showed up at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Saturday wearing #SaveOshawaGM t-shirts. “I […]