2019 VW Arteon introduces new manufacturing standards

Volkswagen’s 2019 Arteon model, courtesy of Repairer Driven News.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — February 12, 2018 — Volkswagen has begun referring to their new 2019 Arteon model, expected this fall, as their “flagship” vehicle, according to our partner publication Repairer Driven News. The predecessor to this model is the VW CC sedan.
The model features some of the company’s new production standards, including their high strength steel and “reactive hood” technology. “Arteon is 30 percent ultra high strength hot formed steel, 10 percent ultra high strength, and 36 percent extra high strength,” says Mark Gilles, VW spokesperson, according to Repairer Driven News. The model uses VW’s Modular Transverse Matrix, the same as the 2018 Tiguan and Atlas SUVs, so repairers can expect similar placement of the high grade steel in the Arteon model. 
The new model also highlights VW’s “reactive hood” system, designed to lessen the impact of a collision on a pedestrian. With international standards for pedestrian protection increasing, it is likely these technologies will become an eventual standard in all vehicles. Nonetheless, repairers will see the new technology in their shops on the 2019 Arteon, as VW has made the technology standard for Arteon production. 
“Sensors in the front of the car can detect if there is an impact with another vehicle or a pedestrian,” says Jessica Anderson, VW spokesperson, according to Repairer Driven News. “If the sensors detect a pedestrian collision, two small pyrotechnic charges connected to hinges at the rear of the hood fire. This raises the rear of the hood by about 2 inches, helping to mitigate pedestrian injuries by preventing impact with the engine below. The system is engaged between 15 and 35 mph.”
In future repairers will need to be especially careful when repairing hoods with this technology, ensuring the sensors still fire correctly after repair. This will also potentially limit repairers to using only  OEM parts when required to fix something in the front end of one of these vehicles. 
For more information visit vw.ca.

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