RoadTrust launches app for stranded motorists

A user logs into RoadTrust to call for assistance.

Toronto, Ontario — January 1, 2018 — RoadTrust, an OEM compliant accreditation program, has launched an app designed to helps shops make more money and improve customer experience, the company claims. RoadTrust is an on-demand platform that connects stranded motorists with a choice of the nearest and accredited service providers, with the accreditation package being […]

Tuesday Ticker: stock markets off to a good start, oil prices rise

Oil rigs extract raw petroleum from the Earth.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — January 9, 2017 — In this week’s Tuesday Ticker, some of the big trends for 2018, a good start to the year for stock markets, the meltdown in sub-prime auto-lending, and much, much more! Stock markets have started 2018 with a bang. Last week the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

A pain in the Aston Martin: woman files suit after receiving 135,000 repair bill

An 2013 Astin-Martin DB9 similar to the one driven by Jessica Liu. She recently filed a lawsuit against her dealership and bodyshop regarding a high repair bill.

By Gideon Scanlon Richmond, British Columbia — January 5, 2018 — In December 2015, tragedy struck when Richmond resident Jessica Liu drove her weeks-old Aston Martin DB9 off the road and into a rock. The accident caused extensive structural damage to the limited edition car, leading to a $135,000 repair bill. Just over a year […]

IHS Markit says autonomous vehicle sales will surpass 33 million annually in 2040

IHS Markit said self-driving vehicles will initially gain a foothold through ride-sharing services beginning in 2019 with the first deployments occurring in the United States.

Southfield, Michigan — January 8, 2017 — Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may become widespread more quickly than realized by the general public. According to a report by business information provider IHS Markit, more than 33 million AVs will be sold globally in 2040. A 600-fold increase over the forecast sales numbers for 2021, 51,000 AVs.   The […]