MPI: 25 percent of drivers exceed posted limits

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Winnipeg, Manitoba — July 2, 2017 — Many drivers exceed posted speed limits, according to data recently released by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). In total, nearly 38,000 vehicles were monitored during the Citizens on Patrol Program “Spotlight on Speed” week held in 29 Manitoba communities in the first week of May. Findings show that about […]

The Autonomous Report: Researchers find two methods to hack LiDAR

Waymo is working with emergency services in Chandler, Arizona, to teach its software what to do when a fire truck, police car or ambulance comes up behind it or passes it on the road.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — July 2, 2017 — In this week’s Autonomous Report, we look into the potential for LiDAR hacking, how autonomous vehicles (AVs) are learning to deal with emergency vehicles, the role of rental car companies in Google’s grand plan, and much, much more! – A report from Deutsche Bank claims […]