No utopia: Autonomous vehicles will have drawbacks and negative impacts

Conversations spring up around One King West during the first-ever Canadian conference on autonomous vehicles. The topics raised during the conference will continue to reverberate throughout the transportation sector.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — April 24, 2016 — The hype around automatic vehicles (AVs) is rapidly building up. Participants of the first Canadian conference dedicated to AVs outlined a coming economic utopia based on the rise of a new digital mobility economy. “There has never been a product quite like this,” said one […]

The ‘Canadian Model’ suits the modern world of globalization

Andrew Shepherd

By Andrew Shepherd Globalization is one of those lofty concepts that gets studied in second year Political Economy courses. Over the post-war decades and into the internet age markets have become homogenized (the Coca-Cola effect) and production has moved to lower-cost regions to meet those common market demands. 

The future direction of collision repair education

Andrew Shepherd

By Andrew Shepherd In the last few articles we have looked at the training imperative: the technical changes driving an increased emphasis on collision repair training, and the need to implement a learning culture in our organizations. We went on to outline some of the “mechanics” of choosing and delivering training.