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Wednesday, 10 December 2008 12:44

After spending some time talking with Joy Skinner of Industrial Park Collision, located in Orilla, ON, it’s apparent why she deserves the awards she's received. A phenomenal business owner, she exudes an almost tangible attitude of “nothing is impossible.”
When you first walk into Industrial Park Collision the first thing you notice is the beautiful waiting area, where two staff are on duty to answer any questions a customer might have.

Joy recently expanded Industrial Park Collision. “We were always a very high producing shop in a very small building,” says Joy. “In fact, Akzo Nobel did a survey once and found that at that time, we were, per square foot, the highest producing facility in North America. We’ve owned the building next door for about ten years. Over time, we've used a quarter of it, then half, and finally last summer we decided to go ahead with converting it fully.”
The new building will function as the repair centre for Industrial Park Collision, while the paint, prep and detailing operations will stay in the original building, along with the collision repair facility’s offices.
“Our staff worked for 15 years in a 6,000 square foot area without complaining all the while growing the business,” says Joy.
The new facility boasts 12,000 square feet of floor space, 12 independent heavy collision bays and is built around an open space concept.
Communication lines run between the two buildings, making sure that all staff can easily stay in contact.
A person capable of handling challenges, Joy suffered several setbacks in her life in the last decade, hard knocks that would cause many to consider giving up such a demanding business. The greatest setback in her life happened when her husband suffered an unfortunate accident that resulted in brain injury.
Using the same methodology she's used to build her business, Joy realized if she was going to survive these massive life changes, she had to plan. She has gone forward by focusing on one thing at a time.
Joy has an exceptional ability to spot and nurture talent in her employees. The duration they stay at Industrial Park speaks for itself. It's also because she really cares about her employees and it’s apparent that they care about her just as much.
Joy creates success stories in her employees. Katherine Lambert started three years ago as an assistant in maintenance. Now she is head detailer and three months ago became a parts receiver. Just one example of Joy’s style of managing her employees.
“We have to recognize what makes us successful. It’s our employees,” says Joy, who practices what she preaches. “We’re paying for the education of our employees. It’s an investment, not a risk.”
Some shop owners may fear that after a technician is more highly trained, they will leave the shop. Not Joy.
“I believe that we provide a stimulating and challenging environment where our employees want to stay,” says Joy.
Employees like Rick, the Shop Foreman who has been with the company for 12 years, or the General Manager, Michael Repath who has been with the shop for 17 years.
Joy is committed to being the best at all things. That committment shows in her dedication shows to her employees, her business and her family. crm


Win with WIN!
The Women’s Industry Network gears up for annual meeting.

If there is anyone who still scoffs at the idea of women working in the collision repair industry, the Women's Industry Network (WIN) will soon put an end to that. WIN is a non-profit organization promoting leadership, growth and networking among women in the industry.
WIN provides educational and mentoring resources as well as a forum to discuss ideas. It also recognizes excellence and achievement among the leading women in the industry. Men can also become members, and quite a few already have.
This coming April 12 to 15, WIN will hold its annual conference in Chicago, IL.  In keeping with its mission to support and encourage women who are entering the industry, WIN will offer five free conference registrations to current students. “We have an obligation to promote the entry of young people into our industry, and WIN’s annual conference is one way to do that,” says Geralynn Kottschade, owner of Jerry's Body Shop, Mankato, MI, who serves as WIN's Chair. “I’m especially excited about this year’s ‘Mentor Match’ program, designed to pair students with a partner-mentor at the conference.”
The keynote speaker will be Lynn Eisaguirre, the author of “The Power of A Good Fight: How to Embrace Conflict to Drive Creativity, Productivity and Innovation.” Susanna Gotsch of CCC Information Systems will present an in-depth industry overview. Other speakers will present on lean processes and CSI, as well as “speed networking,” among many other topics. 
“Between our amazing array of speakers and the rich content we have developed, we are confident that this conference will be even better than last year, and offer something for every woman in the industry,” says Frederica Carter of Akzo Nobel Coatings, Co-Chair of this year's conference.
WIN is accepting corporate sponsors to assist the organization in realizing its goals. To find out how you can become involved and support WIN or for information on becoming a member of WIN, please visit


Talent Scout - Joy Skinner excels at getting the best from her staff.
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